Top 7 Cleaning Tips After Renovation


The importance of post-renovation cleaning can’t be stressed enough—it’s the cherry on top of your hard work. By using commercial cleaning supplies, you’re ensuring a spotless finish and preserving the shine and lustre of your newly renovated space.

Discover top tips to make this cleaning journey efficient and satisfying.

The Basics Before You Begin

Before diving into cleaning, it’s crucial to be patient and ensure all renovation tasks are done. It’s much like waiting for paint to dry—you don’t want to smudge your hard work.

Once you’re sure the space is set, remove big pieces of debris and waste. Think of it as decluttering before using your commercial cleaning supplies, ensuring they work their magic effectively on the dirt, not just big rubble.

Prioritise Your Cleaning Areas

When you’re eager to see your renovated space shine, tackling everything simultaneously might be tempting. However, cleaning is more effective when done systematically. Cleaning one area at a time ensures you give each spot the attention it deserves.

With your commercial cleaning supplies, always start from the top and work your way down to prevent re-dirtying cleaned areas. Similarly, begin inside and gradually move outwards, ensuring every corner gleams without doubling your efforts.

Tips for Cleaning After Renovation

1.      Dusting Ceiling Fixtures and Fans

Initiating your cleanup from the highest points, like ceiling fixtures and fans, ensures dust and debris don’t trickle down onto freshly cleaned spaces below. For a seamless dusting experience, opt for commercial cleaning supplies specifically crafted for dust. They’ll grab onto particles better and prevent them from becoming airborne again.

2.      Cleaning Walls and Baseboards

The walls and your room’s canvases require careful attention. While painted walls can withstand some wetness, wallpapered ones demand gentle care. Ensure you have commercial cleaning products that are safe and effective for your wall type. Remember, a clean backdrop enhances your renovated space.

3.      Vacuum and Clean Floors

Each flooring type comes with its quirks. Hardwood loves gentle care, tile requires attention to grout, and carpets need deep vacuuming. Selecting specialised commercial cleaning supplies for your specific floor type can significantly elevate lifespan and sheen.

4.      Clean Vents and Replace Air Filters

Dusty vents compromise air quality. Post-renovation, it’s imperative to ensure vents are debris-free for fresher breathability. The right commercial cleaning supplies can reach deep into vents, ensuring cleaner airflow. And, while you’re at it, replacing air filters gives that added assurance of clean inhalation.

5.      Window and Window Sill Cleaning

Clear, streak-free windows are like the eyes of a room, offering a glimpse into your renovation’s soul. Achieving this perfection is more attainable with commercial cleaning supplies designed for glass, promising clarity and radiance, devoid of streaks.

6.      Sanitise Bathrooms and Kitchens

The spaces needing the utmost sanitation, bathrooms, and kitchens host numerous germs. Especially post-renovation, focusing on grout lines, fixtures, and counters ensures hygiene. Trust in commercial cleaning supplies to cleanse and sanitise, making these spaces gleaming and germ-free.

7.      Disposal of Renovation Waste

Your responsibility doesn’t end with cleaning. Properly disposing of renovation waste while segregating recyclables is paramount for environmental care. As you utilise commercial cleaning supplies to beautify your space, remain equally dedicated to responsibly discarding debris.

The Role of Commercial Cleaning Supplies

Ever wondered, why professionals achieve that pristine shine?

Their secret often lies in their toolkit: commercial cleaning supplies. These aren’t your average products; they’re typically more potent and specialised than regular household items, ensuring a deep and thorough clean every time.

Spotlight on Supplies:

After a renovation, imagine using a commercial-grade window cleaner for that perfect gleaming finish or a heavy-duty degreaser that tackles tough spots effortlessly. With the right commercial tools, post-renovation cleaning becomes an art.

Safety First: Using Cleaning Supplies Safely

Remember, knowledge is your best safety tool. Always peruse labels and familiarise yourself with ingredients. While these supplies work wonders, they’re potent, so arm yourself with protective gloves and masks.

Always maintain good ventilation to ensure a fresh environment and avoid strong fumes. Safety first, always!

Final Words

Breathing life into a renovated space isn’t just about the build and design—it’s also about that pristine finish achieved through meticulous cleaning.

For a truly impeccable and spotless environment, don’t compromise; reach for commercial cleaning supplies. These power-packed tools ensure your hard work shines through, providing the flawless finale your revamped space deserves.

Author Bio:- Lyndal Hanley is the Marketing Strategist at Hanley Industrial Enterprises. With over 15 years experience in the industrial & commercial cleaning industry, Lyndal guides the creation of content on the Hanleys website, social media and other key marketing channels.

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