What To Do When Zippering Happens To The Tomato?


Unluckily, there is no method to prevent that is foolproof. Even with precautionary measures being all possible, you still encounter zippering on some tomato fruits. So, what you must do with those affected fruits? The answer is simple, visit https://tomatomentor.com.

Tomato zippering described

Zippering is an issue not affecting the texture or flavor of the fruit underneath. The zippered fruits don’t look their best but taste just as good as they are. Zippered tomatoes can be unsightly, a fresh or salad sandwich is probably not the best place for this fruit condition. Instead, use them in preserves or cooked sauces, remove the skin first to take away all the damaged tissue.

Although zippering is an unwanted tomato condition, it is not yet the end of the world or deciding that it is no longer used. Don’t throw them, you can continue eating the fruit and take note of how to get rid of the problem for the following season.

How to prevent tomato zippering?

Tomato zippering can be avoided if you know its causes. It is essential to be aware of how to grow a tomato to have successful development and harvest. Sooner or later, you will be harvesting the tomato, but you will see some problems on it, which can be prevented earlier. The only problem is that you are not aware of its possibility or you have not noticed it earlier to address the issue.

Tomato fruits that are grown at higher temperatures must avoid areas where cold air settles, especially during the nighttime. To protect the plants when the temperature drops during the development stage of the fruit, it saves some of the fruits from getting damaged.

Why does zippering happen in a tomato?

Directly speaking, zippering happens in a tomato due to some reasons:

  • Lower temperature fluxes
  • Pollination problems

To avoid this from happening, you must know the causes first. Tomato zippering is caused by a disorder that starts to transpire when the fruit sets. Zippering starts when the anthers stick to the side of a newly developed tomato fruit known as a pollination problem due to high humidity.

The tomato problem seems to be more prevalent during cool temperatures. But, there is no option to control this tomato from fruit zippering. It is essential to save for growing tomato varieties that are resistant to zippering. Beefsteak tomatoes are one of the most afflicted, so it is essential to pick a variety that is not prone to zippering.

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