The heir property sale is just a call away.


Selling a house is not a child`s play; it involves many painstaking steps. You need to renovate, paint the house, put it on display, hire real estate agents and wait till you get the desired fair price. All these are exhausting and time-consuming, but you have a faster, safer option, you can sell it to a professional home buyer.  Click here to find the list of professional home buyers in Calgary, Canada. The process is fast, secure, hassle-free; you get the cash, the deal is closed. You get the money in one shot when you sell your home to cash home buyers. S no real estate agents are involved; you are not supposed to pay the commission to them. You save the commission, which is a substantial amount.

No advertisement cost, no commission

There is no advertisement cost, no snaps of the house, and no listing to sell your property to a professional home buyer. When you put your property for sale through real estate agents, you have to wait till the home loan is disbursed to the potential buyer. It may take few weeks to months. But the cash home buyers do not need a bank loan or mortgage to buy your property, and they have the requisite resource to purchase it upright. As no mortgage is required, they forgo the mortgage application, which saves precious time and effort. The deal is closed within a week; you get the money and move on with no regrets.

File an income tax within a calendar year

The process of selling the residential property to the professional home buyer is simpler than real estate agents. Selling your property is just a call away to a reliable, renowned cash home buyer. They visit the premises, make quick but efficient inspection; based on it, they provide a fair offer, payable in cash. Regardless of the capital gain or loss derived from the sale of the property, you need to file an income tax within a calendar year, even if you do not need to pay tax. If the property is a principal residence, you do not have to pay tax on any capital gain from it.

If the owner demise intestate

Another benefit of selling the property to a professional home buyer is to skip the renovation, paintwork. They buy the property as in the present condition; the offer price includes the renovation, repair works. If you cannot pay the mortgage, you can avoid foreclosure by selling the house to a professional home buyer. This gives you an option to cut the loss, close off the mortgage and start fresh.

It can be cumbersome to sell a property with multiple heirs. An inherited property comes with inherited complexities and often with tenants. Professional home buyers purchase assets with title issues and problem tenants. If the owner demise intestate, that is with no will, the issue of ownership becomes more intricate. A property with multiple beneficiaries is referred to as heir property ownership. Selling it under normal circumstance fetches a lower price than the present market value as there is no clear title hold.

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