Breaking Down The Asbestos Removal Costs


Asbestos is a common fibrous component that is widely involved in the raw materials employed for different applications in the industries, warehouses, constructions, etc. This prevalent utilization is owing to the incredible characteristics of durability, fire and corrosion resistance, insulation, etc. which make it an ideal composite of different kinds of industries. However, there are uninvited instances in which asbestos exposure happens which is a great matter to deal with as it poses serious risks to health. So, under such extreme situations it is guided to carry out asbestos removal practices as quickly as possible.

Usually, when asbestos containing materials are damaged, disturbed, or flogged, these releases numerous fine asbestos fibres in air which eventually leads to health complications if inhaled. Asbestos removal is essential as well as crucial as apart from the health risks, it is important to be avoided at construction sites, prevention from spread of contamination, and is involved the regulatory compliances on how to handle, remove, and dispose-off asbestos. Generally, the asbestos removal cost varies from location to location and minimal to profound exposure in the working environment. Even the amount of asbestos released widely affects the total cost invested on the removal campaign circulated in a given area.

Asbestos and its removal

Wherever asbestos-based compounds are in use, there are prepared prevention measures regarding it. Asbestos removal is variable on numerous grounds which usually begin from hunting down the place that is suspected to have an unattended asbestos release in the premises. It can be home, workplace, and most particularly industries which are first investigated and tested for asbestos and later on removal strategies are initiated.

What are the factors the influence the asbestos removal cost?

Removing minute traces to large quantities of asbestos from air is a hard task. Teams of professionals are called-in for such activities in industrial places. There are different charges that are imposed on asbestos remedial measures which are markedly different in each condition. Common factors affecting the asbestos removal cost are

  • Average cost is varied per square foot area
  • Amount of asbestos inspected
  • Location and size of the property
  • Extent of asbestos contamination
  • State regulatory measures
  • Type of removal practices
  • Labor costs: Contractor’s expertise, reputation status, and demanded services
  • Demolition or renovation’s requirement
  • Safety measures to be maintained during asbestos removal

The rates are highly different when asbestos is to be cleaned from indoors and outdoors. For interiors, it is about 5$ to 20$ which is treated on where asbestos is found and how it is possible to removed. However, for the exteriors the asbestos removal planning is crucial and difficult as it involves areas like roofs, so one can be charged 50$ to 150$ per square foot.

Commonly, for a housing interior of 200 square foot, the overall asbestos removal cost is varied between 1200$ to 4000$, entirely based on the above mentioned criteria.

Asbestos cost breakdown

On what grounds the total asbestos removal cost is based on? There are innumerable aspects that must be given consideration while selecting an asbestos removal application like encapsulation, enclosure, and full removal. All these varieties of practices, equipment usage, and professionals on-site have their fair share in the asbestos removal cost. Asbestos testing stage cost about 200$ to 800$, however, airborne asbestos testing requires 1000$.

The preparatory phase of planning, plastic sheeting of the area, negative air pressure setting, labour, and disposal of asbestos alone cost 1000$ to 3000$. All removal techniques are hugely reliable on equipment like respirators, safety gears, glasses, body suits, etc. estimate over 400$. For labours, 75$ to 300$ per crew member is invested.


Asbestos removal cost depends upon the amount of asbestos exposed, location of property, remedial and safety measures employed and labour services. This cost is varied according to the complexity of asbestos exposure.

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