The cost of building an access design unit (ADU)


It’s hard to give an exact estimate of the ADU building cost before you build it. In making an ADU, you commit to the project and spend thousands on permits and architectural designs. Are you planning to build an ADU? Consider taking the services of  Acton ADU. Here are the expenses you will incur. You can divide these costs into materials and labor (hard costs) or other construction expenses (soft costs). Here you will get the weak prices that you will have to tackle.

ADU Eligibility and Planning

Before you start to build an ADU, backyard cottage, in-law suite, or granny flat, you need to gauge your eligibility for building an ADU in your area. You have to match your property characteristics with the changing regulations. The construction company may help you determine your eligibility for free or at a small fee. It all depends on the company’s terms of the offering, whether free or not. The company helps you determine the shape, design works, and size that will serve your project needs well. Your property needs will also help the company determine the condition, design, and position. The different ADUs that you can choose from include:

  • Attached ADU
  • Detached ADU
  • Junior ADUs or JADUS

Architectural designs 

Since you understand where and what to construct, you need to take care of this stage. Your architectural designer should help you define how you want the ADU to feel and like. A standard architectural designer accommodates an average of 10 – 15% of your budget. The constitution costs lie between $21000 to $31000 after designing ADUs. Most architects specializing in ADU designs always have little understanding of the costs. The design choices made on your behalf make it hard to understand the exact cost. You will have to wait until when the general contractor sees your plan.

A company specializing in value engineering and ADU design will save you money, headaches, and time. The company helps you from the design to the finishes. The floor plan affects the costs of shower plumbing, drywall installation, electrical panels, and ceiling height. The company makes a full architectural report and submits it to the authorities for planning and building review to get your permit.

Consultants and specialists

After getting the permit, you need specialists and consultants to work on the architectural design. The consultants and specialists will add more unforeseen costs to the construction. You need to understand everything omitted or included by the architectural designers. Some architects don’t cap the working hours or give internal elevations before billing on your project.

The following are the specialists, subcontractors, and contractors that you will have on your project:

  • Structural engineer
  • Energy consultant
  • Site surveyor (boundary)

Massive projects will need extra skilled personnel. They include:

  • Soil/geotechnical report
  • Damage and grading report
  • Plan for fire prevention

Permitting and city planning

Once your design is complete and ready to get submitted to relevant authorities, there are other expenses you will encounter. Different zones charge differently for the same service and permit. You will pay local building permit charges before you pick up the permit. There are other fixed charges that you will pay depending on your state rules.

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