Can Fiberglass Pools Be Installed Above the Ground?


Fiberglass pools offer a convenient option for homeowners, with the flexibility of installation both in-ground and above-ground. Let’s explore the different types of Fiberglass pools, focusing on the advantages of installing them above ground.

Fiberglass In-Ground Pools

The traditional method of installing Fiberglass pools involves in-ground installation, ideal for most homeowners with flat, standard sites.

Above-Ground Fiberglass Swimming Pools

For those with backyard layouts or concerns about excavation costs, above-ground Fiberglass pools provide an attractive alternative.

Opting for a fully above-ground Fiberglass pool can save money on excavation and backfill costs, making it a cost-effective choice for many.

Reasons for Installing Above-Ground Fiberglass Pools

There are several reasons why people opt for above-ground Fiberglass pools:

  • Cost Savings: Above-ground installation saves money on excavation and backfill, making it a budget-friendly option compared to in-ground pools.
  • Deck Elevation: Installing the pool above ground allows for the deck to be elevated higher than the house, providing aesthetic appeal and functionality. Structural integrity can be ensured through custom-built support systems like retaining walls.
  • Flood Protection: In low-lying areas prone to flooding, above-ground Fiberglass pools offer protection against submersion. Proper support and elevation safeguard the pool from damage during floods.
  • Slope Adaptability: Above-ground installation is suitable for sloped terrain, allowing for the downhill side to remain exposed. Erosion control measures can be implemented to protect the backfill and hillside.

Considerations for Above-Ground Installation

If you relate to any of the following scenarios, an above-ground Fiberglass pool might be the right choice for you:

  • Your property requires the pool to be elevated due to sloping terrain.
  • You prefer the pool to be installed closer to your home.
  • You plan to integrate the pool with an elevated deck or patio.
  • You envision features like infinity edges or underwater windows for your pool.

Above-ground Fiberglass pools offer a practical and versatile solution for homeowners seeking the benefits of a swimming pool without the constraints of traditional in-ground installations.

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