Whenever you are getting your Roofing Mississauga done, you might have found yourself thinking whether it is essential to get an eavestrough or not. The more you think about it, you might start to find yourself surrounded by dreadful thoughts about having to clean it. Cleaning the gutters can be quite a task, especially when trees surround your house. However, getting an eavestrough for your house is crucial as it can direct the water away from the basement and foundation of your home. Following are some of the reasons why you need to have a gutter system installed on your roof.

Prevents Roof damage

One of the main jobs of the eavestrough is to prevent the water from seeping through the roof. If you don’t have a gutter, you might not notice any water damage in your roof for a couple of months, as it takes some time for it to become evident. By the time it becomes noticeable, the damage has gone too far. So to save up on future costs of roof replacements, it is a great decision to invest in gutters. The cost of installing the eavestrough would be lesser than replacement of roofing.

Prevents Flooded basement

Flooded basements are a nightmare. Even if you keep the doors and windows closed, water could still seep into the property and flood your basement. This happens when the water has not been directed away from the house. The task of redirecting the water is that of the gutters. The redirection prevents the water from splashing next to the walls or running into the basement. However, if the eavestrough is damaged or clogged, you might have to deal with a flooded basement.

Protects the foundation

The eavestrough directs the water away from the house. If there is no eavestrough, the water runs down the side of the walls and starts to collect around the home’s foundation. The water which accumulates around the foundation causes erosion and weakens the foundation. It might also cause rusting. These effects become even worse when there is high rainfall as the foundation is exposed to higher moisture levels. Exposure to really high humidity can cause the foundation to crack and rot. This compromises the house’s structural integrity and makes it unsafe to live in. Repairing foundation problems can be an extensively expensive affair.

Protecting your property

One of the main functions of the eavestrough system is to control the flow of water. As the water runs off from the roof, it is then collected into the gutters, directing it to a designated area. This designated area could be a collection tank or sewer, which will prevent the water from flooding the property. When there are no gutters, the water will run off and spill all over the property, creating havoc. The water can wash off the seedlings or damage the tended gardens. When there is uncontrolled water, it can flood the driveway, which can cause it to crack.