The Advantages Of The Living Soil; Order At The Best Offers


Microorganisms in the soil 

The living soil is named to the soil that shelters living microbes; the soil encourages many usages and develops a base for the plants to grow healthier than ever, without needing any artificial soil fertilizers. The best thing about this soil is that it provides the plants with exactly the nutrient it requires to grow well and fruit. The mixture made is fairly rich in all minerals and nutrients and is loose to allow the roots to breathe. Also, it is very much efficient for any plant.

Advantages of the soil

  • Reduction of watering frequency

The farmers or plant parents who use this variety of soil need not water their plants continuously. The soil holds a lot of water already. One time watering of the plants growing with the help of this soil is more than enough.

  • Reduces erosion

The soil quickly binds with the roots. The roots of the plants are spread all through the space filled with this soil. This helps in lessening the chances of soil erosion in the case of natural disasters.

  • Improved aeration

The soil is very porous and allows the roots to grow widely and spread as much as possible. The larger the root grows, the better is the growth of the plant. The plant receives all its nutrients from the constantly forming compost by the live microbes in the soil.

  • Naturally pest resistance

The soil shelters many microbes in its body, but it maintains a certain level of pH in the soil. This helps the soil to resist sheltering any more pests and insects. The natural texture of the soil does not allow the insects to live in them. The soil helps it a better place for the plants to grow healthy.

Ingredients of the living

  • Sphagnum
  • Peat moss
  • Pumice
  • Humus and earthworm casting
  • Healthy microbes
  • Pest resistance

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