How you can hire a domestic helper through an agency


Most countries usually have employment agencies that their citizens can choose from when they want to employ domestic workers. Domestic worker agencies are usually regulated by the government under the Department of Labor. Because there are so many domestic worker employment agencies to choose from, it is important to always be careful when choosing one. You can easily become a victim of deception because you weren’t careful when you were choosing an agency to work with.

Different agencies offer different packages, something that introduces a huge variation in the amount of money you will have to pay in order to get a domestic worker. Besides packages, prices are also influenced a lot by whether the worker is from the same country or from a different country. If the worker is from another country, the location of the country will always influence the cost you will pay at the end of everything.

Employment agencies and their duties

Employment agencies handle all the work on the behalf of their clients. Clients are usually the people that that need to employ domestic workers. For instance, if you need a 菲傭, you can contact a domestic worker agency of your choice and get them to find a suitable domestic worker for you from the Philippines. Basically, the work of the agency is to match your needs by finding you the most suitable domestic worker that matches your needs and preferences.

The second duty that employment agency handle is to educate their clients regarding the process they go through to find you’re a domestic worker. It is important that you understand how the maid you will end up with was found. This boosts the confidence of the client while ensuring that there is nothing illegal in the whole process.

Paperwork handled by agencies

Like I said above, agencies handle all the paperwork on behalf of their clients. For instance, they help clients by filling all the documents that are necessary for visa application. They also submit the documents to the relevant authorities so that visas can be processed. These agencies also help employees and employers in signing contracts before they can start working together with relevant government employment forms. Agents also notarize contracts to make them officially binding. In case employers and FDWs need to renew or terminate contracts, employment agencies also come in very handy.

Eligibility criteria of employers

Not everybody can be eligible for employing an FDW. There are usually certain limitations and requirements that governments put in place to protect the domestic worker. In most countries, in order to employ an FDW, you will need to be an adult of sound mind and financial capability. You must be earning a given amount of money per month or year to be considered capable of paying an FDW without running into problems. You must also be a citizen of the country you want to employ an FDW into. Lastly, your house must have a given amount of space to be able to accommodate the FDW you will be bringing into the country. These are just the basic requirements, so you should check with your country for specific requirements.

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