What To Do Before And After You Move


Here are the things to do before and after the move with Alliance Moving and Storage for example:

15 Days Before The Move

  • Contact your town hall or the police headquarters to obtain a parking permit on D-Day,
  • In renting, agree on the date of the inventory with your lessor,
  • Ensure your new home and close the current contract,
  • Plan the transfer of your mail by setting up temporary mail forwarding with La Poste for a period of 6 or 12 months,
  • Transfer your telephone and Internet contracts or change supplier if necessary. Don’t hesitate to do a fiber optic eligibility test in your new home,
  • Return your Internet box, if necessary,
  • Choose your new gas and electricity suppliers and record a start date for each contract,
  • In individual accommodation, report your move to your future water supplier,
  • Anticipate your furniture layout in your new home to facilitate handling on D-Day.
  • One week before the move
  • Arrange the time of the move with the company such as Residential Movers in Chicago, IL for example, leave them your phone number and make sure to get theirs,
  • Ask your landlord or agency for all the keys to your new home: house, garage, cellar, basement, etc.
  • Put important documents such as your identity card, family record book, or driving license safe and close at hand,
  • Prepare a suitcase with necessities: medicines, toiletries, clothes, sheets, cutlery
  • Remember to change the address of your pet indicated
  • Turn off your refrigerators and freezers and defrost them,
  • Wash as many clothes, sheets, and towels as possible,
  • Stop watering your plants (except in special cases) to lighten them and prevent leaks.

D-1 Before The Move

  • Check that your washing machine and your dishwasher contain nothing, and empty the pipes,
  • Reserve valuables and important documents to take them to your new home yourself,
  • Cover fragile floors with protective tarpaulins,
  • Put aside a few cleaning products and DIY tools for cleaning and some minor repairs once the accommodation is emptied,
  • Fully charge your phone
  • Plan a small basket with water, sandwiches, and snacks to avoid cravings,
  • Review your entire house or apartment: cupboards, drawers, attic, basement, garage, garden shed


  • Take meter readings in the old and new accommodation with the energy suppliers (don’t forget to take photos)
  • Close doors and windows
  • Communicate the address of your new home to your lessor so that he can send you your deposit and any non-redirected mail
  • Remove your name tag from your mailbox, intercom, etc.
  • Completely clean your old home and carry out minor repairs, if necessary (glue the baseboards back together, fill in the holes, etc.)
  • Proceed to the exit inventory
  • Carry out the inventory of fixtures at the entrance of your new home before moving in,
  • During the move, start by giving the logistics and handling instructions to the movers or your friends,
  • Put furniture and boxes in the rooms for which they are intended
  • Test all the keys to your new home
  • Make sure you have hot water and heating
  • Open the first boxes by prioritizing them according to the usefulness and fragility/value of their contents,
  • Review your list to detect possible damage or missing items
  • Write your name on your mailbox, doorbell

One Day After Your Move

  • If you notice any damage or loss, report it as soon as possible to your mover or your insurance company
  • Have the locks changed if you are the owner
  • Proceed to change your registration address on the administration website. Attention, you only benefit from one month from the date of the move, under penalty of exposing yourself to a fine
  • Take a tour of your new neighborhood to discover the green spaces, shops, and other amenities,
  • Introduce yourself to your new neighbors and invite them, why not, to have a drink.

Seven Days After Your Move

  • Choose your new general practitioner to benefit from the total reimbursement provided for in the coordinated care pathway
  • Take the necessary steps with your town hall or the public service website if you wish to vote in your new municipality of residence
  • Throughout your steps, do not hesitate to ask for technology. Several applications exist to help with moving and storage

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