A Superb New Addition To Turn Your House Into A Home


Are you refurbishing your home? Are you looking to replace your patio doors or French windows? Would you like to transform the way your family live? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then it may be time to consider the exceptional contemporary home improvement that is bifolding doors. Available in an array of finishes and colours, they can transform any size of home while giving a healthy increase in natural light and that open-plan feel.

What Are Bifolding doors?

This glass panel door uses a lightweight frame and the latest energy efficient glazing to form a perfect option for homeowners. When opened, the doors use a track system to fold back on themselves, completely opening up any area adding an excellent finishing touch to any refurbishment. The concertina style doors create a seamless flow into any patio or garden. They can also be an option internally when flexibility is required to switch between large or multiple smaller spaces. They can be manufactured in aluminium, Upvc or timber depending on your budget and have a wealth of options and additional extras.

Accessing The Benefits

Many homeowners who choose an aluminium bifold door enjoy their outdoor space and want to make the most of it all year round; the benefit that comes with installing them include –

  • Installing bifold doors can increase the value of the property.
  • They improve the overall appearance of the home.
  • The introduction of bifold doors means an increase in natural light that brings many health benefits.
  • Improved security when utilising the latest features available.
  • Their superb thermal efficiency improves energy performance and reduces utility bills.

The Range of Options Available

Once you have decided to install bifolding doors in your home, choosing the suitable material and style is next. With options for any budget, each material has characteristics that mean they may be more suited to your project; let’s look at the three different materials now.

  • Upvc – this material is the lower cost option but still offers modern design options with security, strength, and durability as key characteristics.
  • Aluminium – using durable powder coated frame, gives the owner a contemporary addition to their home; they are low-maintenance while retaining a sleek modern appearance.
  • Timber – wooden bifold doors are the premium product when refurbishing the home; they are available in softwood and hardwood finishes and represent an exceedingly aesthetically pleasing effect.

Having chosen your material and finish, you could also consider adding extras such as internal blinds, triple glazing, and even matching patio furniture.

Is There Any Downside to Consider?

As with any significant expenditure, it is essential to investigate any potential problems there might be; when discussing bifold doors, these can include –

  • They can be expensive, especially when installed in larger areas.
  • Poor installation can result in inadequate drainage as the doors are at a low level.
  • Larger doors can use up a lot of space when in their folded position.
  • Poorly positioned installs can result in privacy issues.

The majority of these issues are alleviated by using a well-rated established installation specialist; they will have plenty of experience and can advise you on the best choices in the design process.

I hope you are now more acquainted with the possibilities that bifolding doors bring with them; if you’re planning a home refurbishment in the near future, they would be a superb choice.

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