What to Do Before and After Pest Control?


Pests are a real menace, especially when they infest your house. It becomes uninhabitable and it becomes extremely necessary to eradicate these at the earliest. This is when to call pest control services. However, certain things need to be done before and after we avail of these services.

Things to do before pest control

Here is a list that you must prepare before you book your pest control appointment:

  • Access- It is very important to have your entire area under control. For that, try removing any large piece of furniture or appliance that is blocking the way. This will help gain better access in the corners too.
  • Clothes- Before pest control, it is extremely important to keep all your clothes, jewelry, make-up, toiletries, and children’s toys packed safely. Keep them inside cabinets if possible and cover the doors and drawers with wide cello tape.
  • Kitchen and dining area- Cleaning out the dustbin is the most important thing. Also, clear the kitchen countertops and remove all the utensils or other articles. Store them in the boxes and not in your regular cabinets. This is because these areas attract a lot of pests and they need good treatment.
  • Pets- They are very sensitive to the chemicals that are used in the control process and hence, it is ideal to remove them from the areas that will be worked upon. Also, remember to store away their beds and toys.

Things to do after the pest control

Do not forget to do these once the premises is fully treated:

  • If it is needed to vacate the premises, then follow the instructions. It is better to stay outside until the recommended hours as entering might be dangerous for you.
  • If any sort of food article was kept outside by mistake, discard them right away. Consuming this food can affect your health.
  • Once the process is done, you will not find much mess left behind you. Hence, it is also not necessary for you to clean up just after they leave. Cleaning will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment and it might not end up as extremely effective. However, you can opt for deep cleaning at least once a week.

The team of pest control Georgetown will help you know exactly what you should be doing before and after the treatment so that you and your family remain safe.

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