Top 5 Reasons for You to Choose Granite Slabs


Granite Slabs are one of the most popular items that people choose to decorate their homes. Proper countertop selection from reputed companies like Granite selection for decorating your kitchen and bathroom is something very necessary. You need to do a lot of study to choose the correct one. There are several reasons for you to opt for granite slabs to decorate your rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. They are as follow:

  • Granites are hard natural rocks that are tough and long lasting. It is heat resistant, scratch resistant
  • It can be maintained very easily. It can be cleaned very easily by using simply soap and water and wiping it off with a cloth
  • The amazing and unique looks will increase the value of your property
  • As they are long lasting, so these are definitely costs efficient for the owners
  • The fine looks of the slabs will take the decoration to the next level

How to make your granite surface last long?

Granite slabs are very easy to maintain. It is important to make your selection wisely and buy it from a trustworthy company like Granite selection to get best result. Here are few points which should be followed to reap the best benefits from your investment on countertops.

Sealing of the surface

  • The sealing that is used should be of a high quality and long lasting. Make sure it is water and stain resistant
  • Do not forget keep the area ventilated before sealing the surface top. Switch on the fan if required
  • Degrease the surface before sealing it
  • Sealant should be applied on a dry surface. Make sure to wipe it thoroughly
  • It is also recommended to go through the instructions given by the manufacturers

Daily maintenance

  • It is suggested to use a ph. neutral soap and a soft cloth to clean the surface top.
  • In case of any stain you are supposed to clean it with warm water and soap. Wiping it dry is mandatory.
  • Any spills should be blotted with the help of a kitchen towel. Wiping it off will spread the liquid on the surface.
  • Do not place hot pans directly on the surface. Use heat resistant pads instead.
  • Use coasters while putting a glass or a pot filled with water to ensure prevention of moisture.
  • Keep it disinfected by wiping of the food stains.
  • You can use baking soda and water to remove oil marks. For water based marks like coffee, juice stains apply mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

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