The Artistry of Border Moulding in Interior Decoration


Interior decoration has evolved over time, and a lot of creativity and innovation have been infused into it. One of the critical areas in interior decoration is moulding, which refers to the art of creating decorative features out of elements such as plaster, clay, or wood. A perfect demonstration of the artistry of moulding is border moulding, which involves applying moulding around the perimeter of a ceiling or on the walls. It adds sophistication and character to the room, creating an elegant and timeless design. In this blog post, we will focus on the technique of border moulding, and how it enhances the decor of your interior space.

Border moulding involves the use of different types of moulds, such as the bas relief moulding. This type of moulding creates an embossed effect on the surface, providing a unique touch to the room’s ambiance. One excellent source of bas relief moulding is, which provides a comprehensive range of high-quality moulds that add elegance to the overall decor of your home. Bas relief moulding can be applied to the ceiling or the walls, and it is versatile enough to complement any design style.

Border moulding is highly customizable, and you can choose from a variety of materials and styles to achieve your desired effect. Some popular materials used to create border moulding are plaster, wood, and vinyl, each with its unique characteristics to suit different preferences. When selecting the moulding material, consider the design style you want to achieve, the room’s lighting, and your budget.

The installation of border moulding is a crucial step for creating a polished finish. It requires specialized tools and skills, and it’s essential to hire a professional to do it. A professional installer will ensure that the moulding is secure and well-positioned, avoiding any damage to the ceiling or walls. Also, an expert installer will advise on the design that suits your interior space and create a bespoke and personalized effect.

The benefits of border moulding are endless. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of the room and adds value to your home. It transforms a monotonous and plain room into a unique and expressive space. You can use border moulding to create a statement piece for your room and adds a personal touch to your interior decor.

Moulding is an essential part of interior decoration, and border moulding provides an artistic and sophisticated touch to any interior space. It adds character to the room, creating an elegant and timeless design. With the various materials, styles, and installation techniques, border moulding is customizable to suit any design style and budget. If you want to elevate your interior decor style, consider border moulding, and enjoy the transformation of your home’s ambiance.

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