Mattress shopping is one of the most fun things to shop for you. You get to go and lay on all the mattresses you want and experience their comfort. While you are shopping you might come across multiple brands. Serta Mattresses is one of the leading names in the mattress industry. When it comes to mattresses there is a specific science. Serta mattresses have been known for their groundbreaking technology. They have been leading pioneers in mattresses be it memory foam or Orthopedic Mattress Toronto. If you are specifically looking for Serta Mattresses, we have listed down some of the popular models that you can consider.

Serta iComfort CF1000 Mattress

iComfort by Serta promises cool and supportive sleep. The mattress has been specially designed to keep the warm sleepers cool through the night. The multi-layered mattress-cooling foam technology provides you with support while you sleep. It helps to regulate temperature while you sleep and ensures that you are cool. If you are a hot sleeper then iComfort is the perfect mattress for you.

The Carbon Fiber Memory foam which is used in the mattress helps to take the heat away from your body and keep you cool. It also provides great support to your back and neck. The iComfort Gel Memory Foam is a mixture of cooling gel with memory foam which helps to promote cooling. It increases the airflow which helps to prevent heat from building up when you sleep.

Dark Night Pillow Top Firm Mattress

AS the name suggests the Dark Night mattress is a firm pillow top mattress. This mattress has brought together multiple latest technologies to help you get the best sleep ever. It makes use of the Serta Anti-Microbial Fibre Technology which helps to keep your mattress fresh and clean. The mattress has 805 individually wrapped coils which help to provide the contouring and cradling which is needed for a goodnight’s sleep. The BestEdge Foam Encasement which is used is an extra-deep foam rail. This helps to reduce the edge roll-off and provides you with an extended sleep surface. Serta PillowSoft Gel Foam technology is used in the Dark Night Pillow Top Firm mattress which helps to provide you with extra comfort and cooling. Support Gel foam in the mattress helps to add firmness.

Modern Comfort Mattress

The Serta Modern Comfort Mattress has a PureComfort Gel Foam on the top. It has a PureComfort Foam Support Core which is wrapped in a Sera CoolWick Breathable cover. The mattress is about 8 inches in thickness and has a medium-firm feel to it. Modern comfort Mattress has a Double Layer of Comfort. The PureComfort Gel Foam and PureComfort Foam Support Core provide your body with much-needed support. It helps to relieve the pressure from your joints. The CoolWick Breathable Cover helps to keep you cool. It regulates the warmth which is generated while you are sleeping and helps you to remain cool. The mattress has been designed to give you comfort like never before

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