How to Maintain and Fix a Home’s Garage Door


The garage door is an essential and practical part of a home, as it provides security and convenience for the residents. However, the garage door may encounter problems or malfunction for various reasons. Some typical issues that may affect the garage door are: the door not opening or closing correctly, the locks not working properly, the door panels sagging or bending, or the door making loud noises. To deal with these problems, homeowners can seek the assistance of a reputable Garage door repair company.

Fixing a Faulty Garage Door Opener

To fix a garage door opener, try these steps:

  • Check the power. If the opener doesn’t work, see if the power or outlet is terrible. Reset the breaker or change the remote batteries if needed. If the emphasis is on, but the door won’t open, pull the red cord to open it manually.
  • Check the photo-eye. This sensor stops the door if something blocks it. It’s on both sides of the door, six inches from the ground. Clean it with a cloth, and make sure it faces the other sensor. Loosen the screws and move them slightly to align them, if necessary.
  • Check the tracks and rollers. These metal parts move the door up and down. They can bend, dent, or wear out over time, making the door stuck or noisy. Look for any damage and straighten it with a mallet, hammer, and wood block. Clean them with a cleaner and a rag to remove dirt or grease. Lubricate them with a spray or silicone-based product to make them smooth and quiet.

Repairing a Garage Door and Hiring a Professional

  • Inspect the springs and cables. Springs and cables keep the door balanced and tense. They can break or wear out from use or the weather. It can make the door difficult, heavy, or uneven to open. One should not try to fix or change them alone; it can injure them. Contact a Garage door repair professional service instead. 
  • Inspect the weather stripping and seal. Rubber or vinyl strips fill the gaps between the door and the frame. They shield the entrance from dust, water, insects, and cold air. Sunlight, moisture, or chemicals can harm them. Replace them right away if they have cracks, gaps, or peels. Buy new ones from a hardware store or online and cut them to match the door size. Attach them to the door using a glue gun or a caulking gun.

Call a local Garage door repair expert. If these tips don’t work or one needs to know how to fix the problem. A good garage door technician can fix any issue quickly and safely. They can also tell how to keep garage doors in good shape and avoid future problems.


Garage doors are essential home parts that need regular care and attention. By following the above tips and guidelines, one can keep their garage door in good shape and avoid costly repairs in the future. A well-maintained garage door can enhance a home’s overall appeal, value and provide residents with safety and convenience. Therefore, investing time and effort to repair a garage door or call a professional when needed is worthwhile.

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