Top 6 Reasons Why People Should Consider Square Edge Skirting Board


When it comes to interior design, the choice of skirting boards may make or break a space’s overall looks and practicality. The square-edge skirting board is one option that has grown in preference in recent years.

This simple style has captured the attention of both designers and homeowners because of its clean lines and sharp angles. The square edge skirting board has many advantages that improve the visual impact and functioning of any room.

 Design Flexibility

Square edge skirting boards provide design versatility, allowing for customization to unique design preferences. They can be painted in any colour you like, whether it’s a contrasting colour to make a statement or a matching colour to fit in with the walls.

Furthermore, square-edge skirting boards can be put at varied heights to provide distinct visual effects. Lower profiles can provide a subtle baseboard effect, whilst larger profiles can heighten the sense of height and generate a strong visual impact.

Underfloor Heating Integration

Square edge skirting boards are ideal for places with underfloor heating systems. Their simple design provides for optimal heat transfer and eliminates any heat-blocking impediments. You can assure optimal functioning and performance of underfloor heating systems while preserving a modern and unified design scheme by using square-edge skirting boards.

Enhances Room Proportions

Square edge skirting boards can improve room proportions by providing a visual impression that makes areas appear larger or taller.

You can give the illusion of higher ceilings or add depth to a room by selecting the suitable height and applying square-edge skirting boards consistently. This technique can assist create a sense of vastness and grandeur in settings with lower ceiling heights or smaller dimensions.

Accommodates Modern Technologies

With the rising prevalence of technology in our daily lives, square-edge skirting boards can be tailored to smoothly accommodate modern devices. Recessed channels or compartments can be inserted into the skirting boards to conceal wires and wiring, resulting in a clutter-free and ordered appearance. This feature enables the incorporation of:

  • electrical outlets
  • multimedia connections
  • smart home gadgets

All these things provide quick access and boost the functioning of the space.

Customization and Architectural Accents

Square edge skirting boards allow for personalization and architectural embellishments. While the design is essentially basic, creative alternatives for adding subtle accents or incorporating architectural lighting can still be explored.

Recessed LED lighting strips or decorative mouldings can be incorporated into square-edge skirting boards to create eye-catching focal points or to highlight architectural aspects within the area.

Concealing Cables and Wiring

One of the most significant advantages of square-edge skirting board is their ability to conceal wires and wiring. With the advancement of technology in modern homes and offices, the management of electrical and multimedia wires has become critical.

To ensure a nice and orderly appearance, square-edge skirting boards might be built with a small depression or groove at the top to accept cables.


Square edge skirting boards have several advantages that make them an appealing choice for interior design projects.  Because of its numerous advantages, you can safely embrace the adaptability and elegance of square-edge skirting boards in your next interior design project.

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