Should You Hire Professionals For Your Turf Installation?


Turf installation is more than a good alternative to natural lawns; artificial turf is much easier to maintain. Using artificial turf means you have a radiant-looking lawn in all seasons- and you don’t always have to worry about watering your yard. Still, it’s not a minor decision to install your artificial turf.

However, upon deciding to install artificial turf, you may be torn between installing it yourself or hiring professionals specialized in installing artificial turf in Houston. As easy as it may seem, there are several reasons why a professional touch is better for your yard.

The most important factors that necessitate the services of an experienced turf installation company include:

●     Protecting the turf while installing

Artificial turf helps you save water while serving as grass, but you also can’t deny its aesthetic appeal. You can only show off a neatly laid artificial turf. There is practically nothing cool about a lawn with multiple joined parts, and patched-up pieces here and there. That’s one of the biggest reasons for you to hire professional turf installers.

If you’re not a turf installation professional, it’s inevitable for you to make mistakes. These errors often result in you inadvertently cutting off turf parts and buying replacement pieces from the manufacturer.

Professionals, on the other hand, take a lot of care of your new turf from edge to edge. Since there’s lesser chances of them making mistakes, they ensure your turf is well laid out without unnecessarily cutting off parts of it.

●     Saving time

The size and shape of your lawn are one of the major determinants of how long it’ll take to install your artificial turf. However, expertise plays a key role in how much time installation takes too. A non-professional may spend weeks preparing their yard for artificial turf before installation. With a day job to attend to, and other personal activities lined up for each week, you might spend several weekends trying to install your artificial turf.

Professionals install turf for a living, and since they do it regularly, they spend the least time installing your turf- regardless of how wide your lawn is. Why not enjoy your weekend with a fun hangout or a good book instead of stressing over something you don’t enjoy doing?

●     Using proper tools

Just like any other work around the house, successful turf installation in Houston requires special tools like tampers, infill, rakes, and nails. While you may have some of the tools at home, or even get some at the store, professionals have it all. Aside from having these tools, professional turf installers also know how and when to use them.

Various things could go wrong if you use the wrong type or size of the tool. For instance, if you use the wrong nail type, you may end up installing a rippled turf. Similarly, using your regular leaf rake instead of the standard artificial rake won’t give the desired result.


Even if you had all the time in the world, your turf installation skills- at best, can’t compare to a professional’s skills. Aside from installation, professionals also teach you how to maintain your turf. For your turf installation needs in Texas, contact our team of professionals today!

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