Why Is It Important To Repair The Joints Of Your Windows?


Your windows are a little too old and are starting to show more than one defect and deteriorated seals. This can cause drafts and unpleasant temperatures inside your home. How can faulty seals in old windows be remedied? Learn more.

The Benefits Of Having Good Seals On Your Windows

Even if it may seem unimportant to you, know that the small seals that are all around your window opening are essential; they allow you to:

  • Find a handyman
  • Have good thermal comfort at home
  • Avoid drafts
  • Put an end to all unnecessary thermal waste
  • Achieve real energy savings
  • Fix all air leaks

We, therefore, see that having windows with worn seals can influence the quality of comfort in your home.

Advice For Repairing Your Seals

To avoid all the inconvenience that defective seals can cause you, we offer you our best advice that will allow you to overcome this type of problem.

Remove Defective Sealants From Window Seals

You will have to react when you notice a damaged coating surrounding your window seals. Using a cutter, remove all the remains of mastic joints until the surface is clean and smooth.

masking tape

To delimit the surface where you will apply your window seal, we recommend using masking tape; they are often used for painting walls or window frames to avoid overflowing.

Applying New Sealant

Then proceed to apply your seal, carefully choosing an acrylic mastic seal of good quality, special for cracks in walls or windows. To do this, we recommend you opt for the best brands of window glass replacement, even if the price seems a bit high. Start by cutting your cartridge, then screw the cannula, then put the latter in a gun, and depending on the width of the joint you want to place, cut the tip of the cannula again; once the joint has taken hold in its place, with your trigger glue gun, apply the sealant in a single application, being careful that it does not overflow the masking tape.

Finishing Your Window Seal

To ensure a good final result, when changing your seal for the window with Apex Window Werks for instance, we recommend using a very simple tool: a spoon on which you will apply dishwashing liquid on the back, then pass it over the mastic joint so that it is smooth. However, you will find straighteners in various DIY stores that are quite expensive, so we advise you to avoid these since they can be replaced by a simple spoon that we all have in our homes. Finally, once your seals are in good condition, ensure your patio doors are flawless.


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