What To Do When There Is A Blockage In The Draining System?


Nothing lasts forever, and the drainage system of the house is no exception. No matter how expensive and branded the piping system is, drainage issues can happen anytime on a property. Homeowners should always be prepared for such situations. Generally, the supply pipes wear out faster than the drain pipes since they are always under constant pressure. However, the pipes can last for a considerable period if taken proper care of.

On the other hand, sinks & toilets can often get clogged due to soap or hair accumulation. Such build-ups can cause corrosion in the drain pipes. In certain severe cases, the drainage system or units might need to be replaced. For a thorough inspection, one needs to call drain replacement services.

When to call a drainage service?

When the drainage system gets clogged it needs to be repaired by skilled professionals or in the worst case it needs to be replaced. Following are certain signs when one needs to call drain replacement services:

  •       When multiple drains have got clogged at the same time one has no other option than calling a professional to get it fixed.
  •       When there are multiple puddles of water at different drainage areas of the house it indicates there is a severe sewage issue.
  •       When there are water stains or rodents on the floor.

What does a professional do to fix the issue?

When a professional service agency is called, they send a team of skilled plumbers to inspect and fix the issue. Here’s what to expect from a professional:

  1.     Thorough inspection- The very first thing that a professional will do is conduct a thorough inspection to find out all the problem areas and the root cause of the leakage. Additionally, reputed professionals can also conduct a camera inspection to find out any sewage or drainage issues from invisible areas.
  2.     Use necessary tools and equipment to fix the issue– A professional always carries the necessary tools and equipment to fix basic drainage issues and ensure that the issue gets fixed as soon as possible.
  3.     Suggest replacement materials– In case the drainage system has got damaged and needs a replacement, the professional will suggest the best replacement material that is available in the market and can also suggest from where to buy them at wholesale rate.
  4.     Ensures the drainage system does not get clogged often– A professional has the right skills and knowledge to fix a drainage-related issue. If he needs to replace drainage system units, he will ensure that the new system won’t get damaged easily. He can also suggest to the client various techniques to keep the drainage system functioning properly.
  5.     Warranty– A drainage system replaced by a certified agency comes with a warranty. In case of further issues, the team will be just one call away.


Drainage system issues should not be ignored as they can lead to severe problems and make it hard for the residents to live in the house. It’s always best to hire drainage replacement services to find out the severity of the situation and get the issue fixed as soon as possible.

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