What Is Speech Therapy, And Why Do People Need It?

Speech therapy is regarded as the evaluation and treatment of speech disorders and communication issues. SLPs or speech-language pathologists perform this therapy, and most often, they are called speech therapists. Various techniques are used for speech therapy as they augment communication, and some of them include language intervention activities, articulation therapy, and various others based on the kind of language or speech disorder. Most of the time, speech therapy is required for speech disorders, and they form in childhood only. At times, adults suffer from speech impairments that are caused by an illness or injury like brain injury or stroke.

Reasons for requiring speech therapy

People get therapy at home in San Antonio when they need speech therapy. This therapy treats several conditions:

  • Fluency disorders – When a person suffers from fluency disorder, it affects the speed, rhythm, and flow of speech. Cluttering and stuttering are called fluency disorders. People who suffer from stuttering face interrupted or blocked speech. And people who suffer from cluttering habitually speak pretty fast. At times, their works merge.
  • Articulation disorders – In this disorder, a person can’t form some word sounds properly. When a person suffers from this disorder, he distorts, swaps, drops, and adds word sounds too.
  • Receptive disorders – People who suffer from receptive disorders have issues in processing as well as understanding what other people say. Hence, they do not take an interest in the speech of other people. They can’t even follow directions well, and they also suffer from a confined vocabulary. Hearing loss, autism, and various types of language disorders make people prone to receptive disorders.
  • Resonance disorders – This issue happens if a person’s velopharyngeal valve does not close ideally. Most often, resonance disorders remain linked with some kinds of neurological disorders, swollen tonsils, or cleft palate.
  • Expressive disorders – People who suffer from expressive language disorder face issues in expressing or conveying information. If people get an expressive disorder, they can’t form ideal sentences. They also use the wrong verb tense. This problem is related to some developmental impairments like hearing loss and Down syndrome. Again, the expressive disorder might also remain connected to a medical condition or head trauma.
  • Aphasia – It is a communication disorder, and it affects the ability of a person to understand others and speak. Most often, aphasia affects the ability of a person to write and read. If people have had a stroke, they suffer from aphasia, and sometimes, brain disorders cause it.
  • Cognitive-communication disorders – If people can’t communicate well due to an injury and it controls their capability to think well, then this condition is called cognitive-communication disorder. This disorder can give rise to issues in problem-solving, memory issues, listening, or difficulty speaking. It is also caused by some biological issues like neurological conditions, unusual brain development, stroke, or a brain injury. 

Therapy at home

If you take speech therapy at therapy at home in San Antonio, you will be treated for many language and speech delays as well as disorders from which adults and children suffer. When it is intervened early, then speech therapy can augment communication. Again, it can also improve their self-confidence.