Ways to manage asbestos at your workplace



Although the use of asbestos has been burnt for decades now, the hazardous material is still present in our buildings especially the old buildings. The most worrying thing about asbestos is that many people-even qualified workers and supposedly professionals are not worried and thinking about asbestos risks and removal best practices. The health risk that is associated with asbestos exposure cannot be ignored. This is because many health conditions emanate from exposure to asbestos and the most common one being mesothelioma cancer. In countries such as Australia, Mesothelioma related deaths are very common. It is for that reason that people need to be educated on asbestos management especially in their workplaces. Different methods can be used for asbestos management and asbestos removal. Here are some of the methods appropriate at our workplace

Taking asbestos assessment training

The first step to take to manage asbestos is considering asbestos management training. This is one of the best methods that can be used to reduce asbestos exposure at work. This can be achieved by making sure that you have experts in your team. Some of the staff members can go for asbestos testing and removal courses. When some staff is trained on asbestos, you will have in-house specialists who have the know-how to deal with asbestos substances. Asbestos management can start with people who keep your business running. Therefore, you should take it upon yourself to train your staff on asbestos management and control.

Know the right laws

Another thing that you should do is knowing the law. Different countries and states have different laws regarding asbestos. A great understanding of the national laws surrounding the use of asbestos and its removal can be ideal for managing asbestos safely. Knowing the rules and teaching your employees of the same rules can be beneficial in knowing how to handle asbestos at the workplace.

Having an asbestos register

Another way to manage asbestos at your workplace is by making sure that you are keeping the right register of asbestos. This is very important especially for buildings that were built before 2000. It is also important to keep a register, especially where the presence of asbestos has been identified. On the register, keep track of the specific places where asbestos was identified and the nature of risk associated with the substance. Keeping a great register is a way to make sure that the general public, as well as the workers in the building, are aware of the substance, its location, and how to keep it safe.

Know how to identify asbestos

If you are working in an old building, you should not be ignorant. You should make sure that you know the processes that are involved in identifying and managing asbestos. Any old building has the risk of asbestos exposure. If you are not sure of its history, you should consider looking for experts or a company to conduct an asbestos survey.

Asbestos requires specialized disposal techniques to prevent environmental contamination. JS Removals Professionals are adept at ensuring the removed material is disposed of responsibly and ethically, adhering to environmental standards, thereby reducing the ecological footprint and ensuring community safety.

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