A leaky and damp basement can stress out any homeowner. Such a basement shows signs of water entering the basement which can give rise to various issues. When water is entering the house it can flood the basement, cause mould and mildew growth. Sometimes it can also impact the integrity of the foundation of the home. For the safety of your home and those who reside in it, you must undertake waterproofing. directwaterproofing.ca will provide you with all the waterproofing related solutions. Their years of experience and expertise is what makes them a leading name in the industry.

They understand the long term repercussions water damage can have on your property.

The company understands that waterproofing solutions have to be tailored according to the needs of the client and the cause of water damage. When you hire an expert to carry out an inspection. They will ascertain what the cause is and ask you some questions. Based on that, they will tailor a waterproofing plan that will help to protect your home from any further damage. The plan is designed keeping in mind that such an issue shouldn’t arise again. Different kinds of waterproofing solutions are mixed and matched. Following are some of the most popular solutions.

Exterior Waterproofing System

Exterior waterproofing solutions is a great option for long term problems. Though it is an expensive solution, it should be seen as an investment into the health of your home. The results of the waterproofing will last for a lifetime. Exterior waterproofing is the only way to protect the structure of the building. The waterproofing is carried out by repairing the leaky basement from outside of the house. For the repair, the foundation of the home is exposed. The required waterproofing materials are applied to this exposed foundation. This works by creating a foundation waterproofing system. It redirects and disperses the water away from the foundation walls. Direct Waterproofing Company understands the stress brought about by water damage. They are confident in the services and products used by them. They offer a warranty on the waterproofing work done by them.

Interior Waterproofing System

This type of solution is directed towards the interior of the home. The treatment process includes using waterproofing material to add extra layers of protection to the walls of the basement. This approach is combined with an effective interior drainage system. This helps to divert the water away from the property. Sometimes, interior waterproofing work might require some excavation. This solution is a great approach when you have a damp and moist home. It can easily prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

Emergency Waterproofing

Water damage can arise fast, especially when you least expect them to. Whether you have a flooded basement or a pipe is about to burst, you need emergency assistance. Direct waterproofing understands that such issues need to be dealt with urgently to minimize the damage. Once the situation has been dealt with, they will provide you with solutions that will prevent this from happening again

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