Top 7 Reasons To Install Decorative Window Films


Glass serves various functions in residential and commercial buildings and, as a result, constitutes a significant portion of the whole structure. For many investors, though, glass is not just the usual construction material but is also a decorative element, thanks to its aesthetic appeal.

You can customize glass into decorative window films to promote your business brand or simply give your business premise the eye-catching finish it deserves.

And what’s more, window films are available in unique patterns, textures, and designs suitable for every office space.

Discover the benefits of using a decorative window film over etched glass on your business premise.

Save Extra Cash

Decorative windows are easy to install compared to etched glass. On average, you’ll spend $125 per square foot on etched glass, whereas decorative windows cost much less, allowing you to enjoy the same aesthetic benefits at pocket-friendly rates. The difference in costs arises from little labor and less material required in installing decorative films.

Explore Your Creativity

Decorative films have endless options when it comes to design selection. You can choose from numerous ready patterns, designs, and color preferences available in the market or customize a unique design that meets your preference if you love flexing your creativity.

Additionally, a decorative window film isn’t a permanent installation; hence you can always replace your design as often as you wish.

Enjoy Effortless Maintenance

Etched glass experiences frequent staining from dust. Moreover, the texture of the etched glass is an easy target for oil and dirt from the surrounding. As a result, you’ll need a consistent cleaning schedule to preserve its elegance.

Decorative window film is resistant to frequent staining and requires little maintenance and cleaning. A simple wiping keeps the surface clean and retains its elegance as if it is newly installed.

Hassle-free Installation and Removal

Unlike etched glass panels, decorative films are easy to install and remove. The installation is non-disruptive and requires no replacement of existing glass panels. Similarly, removal of used films is pretty easy since you just peel off the film you initially installed on the window panes.

Boost Your Aesthetics

One of the top reasons property owners use decorative window films is to enhance the property’s curb appeal.

You can enhance your interior and exterior aesthetics through unique prints and patterns that resemble textured glass. Moreover, attractive color palettes can help revamp your exterior and interior appearance without spending substantial cash on renovation.

Add Privacy To Office Space

Every office space requires sufficient natural light to support operations, even during a power outage. However, sometimes you need to strike a balance between illumination and privacy. While concrete walls can serve this purpose, they limit the passage of light rays and occupy much space.

Decorative window films can help you add privacy without blocking light or taking up more space. Thus, you can install colored, tinted, or frosted films to achieve the level of privacy desired in each unit.

Boost Indoor Energy Efficiency

Window films can maximize your energy efficiency, thus lowering your energy bills significantly. Essentially, they repel extra heat during summer and retain heat in cold weather, ensuring a regulated indoor temperature. Subsequently, you’ll give the HVAC System a break and reduce electricity usage.

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