Tips to decorate your home with Shag Rug


Have you heard about shag rugs? Well, they are the soft version of your floor rugs made with exclusive care and fur-like materials on the top to give maximum comfort to your feet as you step on them. Just stepping on them once, and you are transformed to the comfort levels of the next world! But this doesn’t at all mean that they are anywhere less in the aesthetic feel. They can look as decorative as you want them to be and fit in totally well in all kinds of home decor themes. However, to do so, you should know how to play around with their decorative idea. Want some references for this? Keep reading!

  • Vibrant coloured shag rugs for your home decor – One of the best things about shag rugs is that they are available in different materials, in various designs and in exclusive colours. You are never short of options when choosing them. So, if you are picking one for your home, you can go for the vibrant coloured or the bright shades which automatically add life to your house. Place them in neutral surroundings where the walls are painted white, light blue and beige and see the magic! 
  • In minimalistic theme – Do you like the idea of less being more? Then your shag rugs look fantastic in such a decor theme! You only need to pick the one in light colours in a solid colour or basic design and place them in the centre of the room. They’ll look super cool with the surroundings and even be most functional to you in this way. 
  • At the bedside – Bedroom decor requires lots of care and consideration. You have to keep in mind the comfort factor while being very choosy about what you include in this small yet personal setting. We suggest you try including shag rugs in your personal haven. They will feel marvellous under your feet as soon as you step on them from your bed in a cosy bedroom. Plus, when you match or contrast them with your bedroom decor and get them in pleasant shades, they make the space look all the more inviting. 
  • As room separators – The most common concept of home decor, having a single room with different sections is seen everywhere in India. You obviously require something to define the different sections in a house. In such a case, shag rugs are considered the most helpful. You can pick a distinct theme for each section of the house, for example, a dining area can be of a wooden theme and the lounge section may have leather decor in it and so on. Next, match the shag rugs as per these decors and place them in the separated areas. Like, the dining area can have a shag rug at the entrance in a dark brown shade and the lounge section will look perfect with a pure white shag rug in between the sofas and so on. In short, just ensure that they complement the different sections well to make them look more

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