Tips for Choosing the Best Horse Arena Fencing Option


One of the most critical things when putting a horse arena is choosing the best type of fence for the facility. When looking for fencing materials for your horses, you need to consider some factors to ensure that you get the ideal fence for your arena. If you do not know where to start, Kiser Arena Specialist will be glad to guide you through the multiple horse arena fencing options and help you choose one that suits you best. Here are some factors you should keep in mind when selecting your horse fencing type.


Visibility is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a fence for your horse arena. Horses often run to the fence at high speeds when the ground is damp and slippery. This could cost you an arm and a leg if the fence is damaged or your horses are injured. Therefore, the fence should be visible to the horses to easily keep them away from it. Furthermore, a more solid fence such as wood will prevent the horses from jumping over the arena fence. Also, ensure the level of the fence visibility is high if you are handling young horses.

Harmless upon contact

The chances are that a rider or horse will, on several occasions, come into contact with the fence. Therefore, you should select an arena fencing option that cannot cause any harm upon contact. A Priefert Ponderosa fence from Kiser Arena Specialists can be an ideal choice because it is harmless and can help the horse and operator avoid severe injuries. It offers steel strength with no barbs and sharp edges.


One of the best things you should do is select a highly durable fence. Your riding arena will last for years, and that’s why you need a fence that lasts with fewer maintenance needs. Woodguard from Kiser is an ideal low-maintenance lumber fence. It has over three decades in the market and is top-rated because it is durable, strong, weatherproof, and safe for horses and operators. You do not need to sand, paint, or stain it. It also comes with a 20-year limited warranty for your convenience.


Budget is one of the things that determine your horse arena fencing options. Fencing might be one of the most significant projects when setting a horse arena; that’s why you should choose a fence that suits your budget. You should determine what you urgently need for your fencing and what can wait if you have a tight budget.

Types of horses on your arena

Each horse breed can require a different fence. The fencing you use for young colts varies from the one you should put up for retired quarter broodmares. Mares are excited to have a resilient fence with adequate shade and water, while colts need an extensive fence with more safety considerations.

 Kiser Arena Specialists has over three decades of experience in building and renovating horse arenas. The team can guide you through the available horse arena fencing options to ensure that your horses are safe and performing at their best. Make sure to visit their website or contact them to reserve a consultation to discuss your arena fencing needs.

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