Restoration for fire damage in Denver


Need a clean up and restoration of a property caused by fire damage? Do not worry, fire & smoke damage Denver services will restore the affected property the fastest and in the most affordable way possible.

The professionals of fire and smoke damage restoration work with the insurance adjusting companies to document and assess the fire-damaged property of Denver and get the good-as-new property back to its owner the fastest.

What are the services provided by the fire and smoke damage restoration companies in Denver?

They provide and cover every important aspect included in the repair and restoration of a fire and smoke-damaged property and they are:

  • Securing and board up
  • Water extraction (caused due to water hoses used in extinguishing fire) and drying of the entire property
  • Emergency services are available 24/7
  • Demo, cleanup, and salvage
  • Moving the contents present in the property and their storage
  • Cleaning of the contents
  • Odor control, disinfection, and decontamination of the property post-cleanup
  • Repair of extensive smoke damage
  • Reconstruction and restoration of the affected property
  • Management of every insurance claim
  • Lifetime warranty of smoke odor
  • Easy options for financing

Why does one require professional restoration of fire and smoke damage?

Fire damage can occur from fire, water used in extinguishing the flames, or smoke. The cleanup process after a fire can be tedious and unexpectedly long. The sooner one can get the damage restored or cleaned up, the better it will be for the property and better financially. The majority of the fire damage restoration procedures include restoration, repair, and cleanup of the property structures and contents as well.

It will be surprising to know that the cleanup post-fire damage can result in more damage. It is because the fire already causes extensive damage to the property’s contents and structures and activities after the fire can result in more damage unknowingly. However, immediate action is also required at the same time thus, to take the correct action and to do more good than harm, one needs to hire a professional team for restoration and clean up after fire damage.

A professional team can clean and salvage the carpets, clothing, draperies, and upholstered furniture with the help of their expertise and professional equipment in the fire-affected property.

Every fire & smoke damage Denver differs from one another. The fire generally produces 2 kinds of smoke damage, that is, invisible odor and visible soot. Fire cleanup essentially depends on the fire components because every cause of the fire is different so only one set of guidelines won’t work for every fire.

Everything will have a different chemical reaction, for example, soot and odor from wood will not react the same way as plastic will react to cleaning products. It is quite impossible for the property owner to eliminate the odor and soot from the structure and components of the property without expert equipment and assistance.


Choosing the correct and professional fire and smoke damage restoration company is very crucial as this task requires undivided attention and a ton of physical groundwork. Fire & smoke damage Denver can provide everything one needs to get a property back to its original form.

At Highland Construction Design Center, our experienced professionals provide comprehensive fire damage restoration services to restore your property to its pre-loss condition. Trust us for quality and efficient fire restoration solutions.

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