Most Overlooked Aspects of a Bathroom Renovation


Many homeowners find that the bathroom to be the hardest room inside the home to renovate. Everybody wants their bathroom to be practical, but they also want to spruce it up and make it appear luxurious. From choosing the right tile to the best storage options, there are so many things to consider when remodelling a bathroom that it is hard not to think about them all.

Your Bathtub Doesn’t Need to Make a Statement

When renovating your bathtub, one thing many people consider doing is replacing their bathtubs with bold, freestanding ones. This might look like a great idea from pictures you have seen on the Internet, bathroom catalogues, or showrooms, but it is not always the wisest choice.

This bathtub style doesn’t work well in households that prefer showers over baths or for those that are not too big on cleaning. Carefully consider the difference between a freestanding tub and a built-in one before making your final decision.

Outlet Placement Is Crucial

There are never enough outlets inside a bathroom. Another issue is that outlets seem to be in the most random places, and the last thing anybody wants inside a bathroom is an inaccessible outlet. When planning your Sydney bathroom renovations, talk over outlet placement with your contractor.

This way, you have them where you need them. For example, an outlet inside the vanity allows you to plug in a toothbrush, while outlets on both sides of a double vanity are useful when sharing a bathroom.

Not All Grout Is the Same

Don’t make a mistake in thinking that all grout is the same. Many people don’t give their grout a second thought when renovating bathrooms, but it is just as important as selecting the right kind of tile. The purpose of grout is to keep dirt and water out from behind tiles, but it also holds tiles in place.

Colour is only one aspect of choosing the right kind of grout for the job. If you can’t stand the thought of grout looking dirty, stay far away from white. When grouting showers, tubs, or other wet areas, use synthetic rather than cementitious. The final thing to think about is whether you want it to stand out or blend in with your tile.

Plan Out Storage Options

Storage options need to be thought about during the designing stage of the remodel. Even the smallest shelf should be planned out to appear as part of the actual renovation rather than a quick afterthought.

A good example of planning storage options beforehand is placement of the shower or towel bars that go with the flow of the bathroom rather than ones that are just thrown up after painting is done.

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