HVAC: Maintaining Your HVAC Equipment


In parallel with the follow-up by the professional, you can carry out some operations yourself to maintain your heat pump, neptronic sensors for example in good condition.

Remember to clean the filters of the indoor units with basic products (water + soap) and check that nothing is obstructing the air. It will also be common sense to check that frost does not settle on the equipment in winter. When renting, the tenant usually pays for maintenance. However, the landlord must pay for repairs.

It is necessary to have your air conditioning serviced at least once a year to guarantee comfort in all seasons. The impact essentially concerns air quality. Indeed, this air sucked in, filtered, and then released into your room will depend on the regular maintenance that will be done. It is important to respect these precautions to prolong the life of your equipment also to preserve your health and that of your loved ones. Note that beyond the health aspect, this regular maintenance will allow you to optimize your consumption and therefore save money. For all these reasons, it is important to monitor the proper functioning of your equipment.

When you notice an anomaly on your equipment, such as an abnormal noise or a particular odor in the propelled air, call on a professional who can offer you the ideal maintenance. Blackhawk Supply for example knows how to meet these demands by offering different formulas for maintenance contracts. These contracts are adapted to the demand and needs of its customers. The intervention of a professional will make it possible to detect if there is a leak and if the equipment does not require a more thorough check.

The Main Interviews To Be Carried Out

If it is reversible air conditioning, it is advisable to switch to hot mode during the summer and to cold mode during the winter for a few minutes. This manipulation makes it possible to prevent the valve, which prevents the mode change from seizing up.

The Cost Of Reversible Air Conditioning

The heat pump is the most affordable renewable energy equipment there is. The purchase of the material in itself is not exorbitant. The installation can make a difference according to the difficulties encountered in installing the capture system in geothermal installation.

Before committing to the purchase of air conditioning, a specialist makes a thermal study of your heating system to adapt it to your needs. He also carries out an in-depth study of the environment of the future installation. The sizing of your needs will be done with care. The winter period is more favorable because the deadlines are shorter, with fewer requests.

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