All You Need to Know about Anti-snap locks.


The anti-snap locks make it difficult for the buglers to break into your house. The lock-snapping method entails breaking the cylinder hence manipulating the lock to open. It is a very simple task since the intruders are only required to break the cylinder to gain access to your house. They can break the cylinder using a hammer or any other gadget that can easily break the cylinder into two. Once the lock is broken into two, the intruder can get easily to the locking mechanism of the door.

Innumerable manufacturers have designed anti-snap locks to prevent lock snapping. These types of locks have anti-snap lines which are commonly known as sacrificial lines. When the lock cylinder is broken, it will break along the sacrificial line hence leaving the center of the cylinder intact. Once this part breaks, it will become more challenging for the intruder to break into your house. The door will remain locked thus preventing the thief from gaining access through the door.

You cannot easily tell whether your lock is fitted with the Anti-Snap Locks unless you remove it from the door and check whether you can see the lines. It is always advisable to choose an anti-snap lock with the utmost level of safety against snapping. These locks need to be tested and ratified to the required standards. These standards may include TS007 Kitemark certification. The locks can also offer protection against the blowtorch mechanism. The blue torch method involves melting the door to access the lock.

This type of anti-snap lock cylinder is structured to withstand a huge amount of force as compared to normal locks. Hereby is a simple procedure to know whether your locks are anti-snap.

  1. Tilt the lock to see the British Standard Kitemark.
  2. Look to see whether the lock has the 3-star Kitemark. If you get to see that your lock has a 3-star rating then it is an anti-snap lock.
  3. Remove the cylinder. If you need to ascertain whether your lock is anti-snap, remove the cylinder to confirm. You will get access to see the snap lines. Since you cannot remove the euro-lock by yourself, it is always advisable the seek help from the locksmith.

In case the lock is not an anti-snap, you can upgrade it into one. The locksmiths will help you upgrade the lock. Since one cannot afford to take the lock and key issues lightly, there need to take precautions. You can decide to hire a locksmith to help in the installation of anti-snap locks. There are several factors you need to consider before selecting one. These factors include experience, skills, cost, and even availability. There needs to be reliable to respond easily in case an emergency arises. Also, remember to select a locksmith from a company that is insured. This is because accidents and damages may occur in the course of installation.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, there is much more about anti-snap locks. The above article has given an overview of anti-snap locks and their benefits.

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