All About Sliding Screen Door and its Specifications


There is a wide variety of sliding screen door to suit your particular need. There are available screen doors in various fabrics and frame colors.

Specifications of Sliding Screen door

    • Fully Assembled (Ready to Install)

There is a selection of fully assembled doors that are ready for installation and delivery. You can simply measure your current sliding screen door. And they can create you one with a similar size for a proper fit. Some use a Phifer mesh that is known to be the best in the industry. While some install the mesh you desire. This includes Aluminum Mesh, PhiferGlass (Standard Fiberglass), UltraVue, Better Vue, and PetScreen. Frames also have different colors, such as Silver, Tan, White, Bronze, and Champagne.

  • Unassembled- DIY

KD Kit or Unassembled screen doors usually come cut to the size you mentioned. All doors hardware mostly includes the screen wire, handle, and rollers you choose. You only have to assemble the screen door by using the given corner inserts and have to roll in the screen mesh. For easy assembly, a screen rolling tool is included. Door frames are available in Bronze, Champagne, Tan, and Silver. While the selection for screen mesh is Aluminum, Standard Fiberglass. Also includes BetterVue and UltraVue.

  • Supreme Sliding Screen Door

The Supreme sliding screen door is a top seller. It is made of a strong and high-quality extruded aluminum frame. The screen door is a great choice, especially for coastal areas. It will not be susceptible to rust, the door has 4 steel adjustable rollers. And allows a handle with a latch, it has an abraded surface together with the face of the frame. This adds extra depth to its appearance. After choosing your desired mesh, it is guaranteed that it will add functionality. Also aesthetics to what you’re looking for in your home.

  • Premium Sliding Screen Door

Premium Sliding Screen door is the best sliding patio screen door you can search for. The premium door is aesthetically attractive and has been engineered with strength. It has been built and designed. This quality sliding screen door consists of heavy-duty engineered. And exudes an aluminum frame. This premium screen door has 4 adjustable steel rollers. A flush setting auto-latch handle with latch. Usually, rollers and hardware have a limited lifetime warranty.

How these Sliding doors move

The bottom and top of the door frame are lined with either wood, metal, vinyl tracks. Once the tracks are fitted, they create a form in which the door can move along. The rollers can be installed at the top and bottom edges of the door. Yet, they can only be placed at the bottom. Depending on the design of the door. In most cases, the doors on the patio are heavy. They are suited with the rollers found at the bottom. Some doors can be hung from the top. Especially when they’re lightweight and small.

Sliding screen doors for your home are available in bronze or white-colored frames. These doors highlight unique tamper-resistant screws. That can go along a metal clamp, then through the security mesh. Then they hold right into the frame, to grip the mesh from being removed.

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