Affordable Garden Renovation Ideas


Summertime is well upon us and yet, as we transition into a post-pandemic society, few people are able or willing to yet enjoy a full vacation. As a result, a number of residents are turning to their gardens for both enjoyment and activity, leading to a huge increase in garden renovations.

Whether you are looking for a total landscaping renovation or simply want to keep up with the Joneses, there are a number of garden redesigns you can embark upon without breaking the bank. And, as a greater number of residents begin to rethink the essential qualities of their outdoor spaces, new styles are occurring and growing in popularity. We’ve collected some of the year’s most popular affordable garden renovation ideas to share with you!

Time To Paint

As beautiful as many gardens are, few ever revel in colour beyond flower petals. As such, and especially so during the colder months, gardens tend to feel monochromatic and potentially uninspired. This can quite easily be remedied with the addition of colourful paint.

Adding bold colours to features, such as plant pots and tiles, is a simple and affordable way to add vibrance to your outdoor space. Fresh blues and burnt oranges are particularly popular this year as homeowners seek to recreate the exotic colours they are missing.

A Cosy Nook

In the wake of cottagecore design trends and homeowners looking to revitalise their shed spaces, garden outbuildings and log cabins are becoming exceptionally commonplace across the country. Residents are creating affordable, high-quality spaces in their gardens to enjoy as private escapes for both their family and friends.

Once you’ve established your outbuilding, the possibilities are almost entirely, and homeowners are going above and beyond to create and integrate their outdoor spaces with the natural environment, whether encouraging the growth of ivy and bindweed or using the rooftop as a space for grass.

Cultivate A Meadow

While it may seem counterintuitive, cultivating your own garden meadow, one that has fewer prejudices against weeds than a typical lawn, has a huge number of benefits and great beauty too. Firstly, it is a low-cost way of adding diverse and impressive wild appeal to your garden. Seed balls are cheap and can easily be scattered around your soil to encourage stunning plants and flowers to grow and create their own local ecology.

Small meadows are also low maintenance and will support the prosperity of bees and other pollinating creatures, which is wonderful for the local environment!

Bring Our the Lights

Alternative lighting, such as LED lamps and string lights, can transform your garden into a cosy escape, one that bathes in a warm glow long into the evening. Such features run on little electricity and can often be set up with an individual solar panel to ensure that they are always able to run.

These lighting features also encourage homeowners to enjoy more time in the garden too. So, if you haven’t yet been spending your summer evening outdoors, be sure to give these a try and find out just how often you’ll want to dine and relax in your garden.

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