5 Expert Tips For Effective Use Of Road Salt


Icy driveways, roads, and car parks. In winter, when night frost sets in and as soon as precipitation gets involved, you are good at spreading de-icing salt on your driveway or car park in the morning. But how do you spread de-icing salt effectively? Here are some helpful spreading tips.

A handful of road salt per square meter is usually sufficient. Be sure to spread the salt evenly over the entire surface.

It is highly recommended to order de-icing salt in good time. You will thus benefit from more attractive prices and will be sure to have sufficient quantities.

  1. Salt Preventively

Preventive salting is the most economical and effective way to prevent snow accumulation and ice on your driveway and sidewalk. Suppose you wait until the surface is covered with snow to spread salt. Indeed, once the surface is slippery, you will need twice as much salt to achieve the same result. It is, therefore, ideal for spreading road salt on your driveway, roadway, or parking lot well before snowfall. Listen to the weather report or check your weather app!

  1. Clear The Snow

The snow arrives unexpectedly, and when you realize it, the surface is already covered with a thin white layer. In this case, it is advisable to clear the snow before spreading salt. This will help you get the most out of your amount of road salt.

  1. Choose The Right Kind Of Salt

Did you know that the particle size of de-icing salt determines the speed of action? Fine salt has a faster de-icing action but of shorter duration. On the other hand, coarse salt needs more time to take effect, but its effect lasts longer. For best results, mix fine salt with coarse salt.

  1. Spread The Salt Evenly

A handful of road salt from bulk road salt suppliers near me per square meter is usually sufficient. Be sure to spread the salt evenly over the entire surface. For large areas, spreading by hand can be laborious. In this case, it is better to use a spreading cart.

  1. Store Your Road Salt In A Dry Place

Road salt with Ninja De-Icer for example absorbs moisture. It is, therefore, important to store it in a dry place. Otherwise, it may form lumps and lose its effectiveness. Snow removal salt containers are, for example, a good solution to have salt at hand throughout the winter.

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